Short Condolence Messages

45 Short Condolence Messages to Uplifting and Strength

“Comforting Short Condolence Messages: Express Your Sympathy with Empathy and Grace”

“During times of grief, words often fail us. But our collection of short condolence messages can help express your deepest sympathies. Whether you need to comfort a friend, colleague, or loved one, our heartfelt and thoughtful condolences can convey your empathy and support. These messages, filled with love and understanding, can provide a small measure of solace in the hardest of times. Browse our curated selection of messages to find the perfect words to say ‘I’m here for you.'”

🕊️ Wishing you strength in this difficult time. 🌻 Here with you in thought and heart. 💔 Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs.
🌹 With deepest sympathy as you remember. 🙏 So sorry for your loss. 💐 May the love around you provide comfort.
🕯️ Please accept my heartfelt condolences. 🌸 Sending thoughts of comfort and love. 🌼 Wishing you peace and comfort.
💔 Heartfelt thoughts go out to you. 🌹 Keeping you in my thoughts. 🙏 May the departed soul rest in peace.
🌻 Sending you strength and love. 💐 My deepest condolences. 🕯️ May love and memories bring you comfort.

Short Condolence Message- Continued

🙏 May their soul rest in peace. 💔 My deepest sympathies for your loss. 🌹 Thinking of you in this difficult time.
🌼 Holding you close in my thoughts. 🌸 My heart aches for you. 🕊️ May you find strength in love and memories.
🌻 My condolences for your immeasurable loss. 💐 Praying for your healing, comfort, and peace. 🕯️ Remembering with you, the life of your loved one.
🙏 My heart goes out to you and your family. 💔 Your loss has deeply moved us. 🌹 Sending you love and strength.
🌼 Here for you in your time of need. 🌸 May you find solace in the love that surrounds you. 🕊️ Wishing you peace in this sorrowful time.
🌻 May the memories bring you peace. 💐 My prayers are with you. 🕯️ Heartfelt sympathies on your loss.
🙏 May the departed soul rest in peace. 💔 My thoughts are with you. 🌹 Sending my heartfelt condolences.
🌼 May you feel the love that surrounds you. 🌸 Your loss deeply saddens us. 🕊️ Sharing in your sorrow with love and friendship.
🌻 Praying for your peace during this hard time. 💐 Here for you during this difficult time. 🕯️ Please accept my deepest sympathies.
🙏 May love and comfort find you. 💔 My heart is with you in your time of sorrow. 🌹 Praying for your comfort and strength.



Short Condolence Message- Continued

🌹 My deepest condolences for your loss. May you find peace and comfort during this hard time. 💔 🕯️ I’m truly sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. 🙏 🌼 My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. May you find strength. 💖
🌻 I know words are not enough to ease the pain, but know I’m here for you. 💐 🌸 May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace, my deepest condolences to you. 🕊️ 🌷 May God give you strength in this difficult time. My thoughts are with you. 🙏
🌹 My heart aches for your loss, may your memories give you peace and comfort. 💔 🕯️ Please accept my deepest condolences, your family is in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏 🌼 I’m deeply sorry for your loss, may the soul of the departed rest in peace. 🕊️
🌻 I hope you feel surrounded by much love during this difficult time. My condolences. 💐 🌸 May you find comfort in the love of those around you. My deepest sympathy. 💖 🌷 I’m truly sorry for your loss. May your loved one rest in peace. 🕊️
🌹 Please accept my condolences, I’m here for you in your time of loss. 💔 🕯️ I share in your grief and extend my deepest sympathy to you. 🙏 🌼 My heart goes out to you, may fond memories of your loved one bring you comfort. 🌸

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